Friday, November 12, 2010

F . i . N . a . L ExAm --> Sem3

nw is near the end of the 3rd Sem adi...
time really like juz a blink of eyes nia..

i adi spent bout one n a half yr in Sabah---> UMS

it's been quite a rough period while at here


bek to the topic la !


final exam!

O . M . G .

there r to0 many things t0 study a !!!

but after final exam i can g0 home

can bek home hug my big bear bear !
play wif Amuni n Ah Lok !
watch TV !
on9 wif streamyx !
cooking !

more ... n more stuff t0 do !

but n0w i still cant concentrate on my revision le ...



really f* stress up !
i d0 wan2 score better for exams bbut really tough wat
i'm not like other ppl ...

i'm to0 ...
L . A . Z . Y .

i tink i really need t0 go for a brain wash !


These are wat i did during 2 weeks of study weeks
( i got xtra 1 week for S.D.Week cos my exams starts on 15th Nov while other ppl starts on 8th)


1. Read notes some notes on few subjects lo... (still blur)
2. Eat lo...
3.Sleep lo...
4.Online lo...
5.Study for Wood Science's wood identification lo...(damn hard)
6.Day dreaming
7.Went HEP few times to settle $ for sch's programme lo...
8.Trying to chase away rat in my ro0m lo...
9.Bought CNY's flight lo...(wasted my whole day at 1B juz for tis)
10.Blogging lo...


who says 2 weeks of Study Week gud lo

for me it's sort of wasting time le...
for lazy ppl like me la...

These 2 weeks i hav been very 'luo po @ tui fei' a...

i cant be like tis anymore !
the time is nearer !

g0 S . T . U . D . Y .

These are my subjects tat i'm goin 2 sit for the Final:
1.Forest Inventory
3.Forest Management
5.Wood Science
7.Wood identification(lab test)

oh dear ...

wat am i suppose 2 do le...

g0 study liao Papoi !



sayonara bloggie !
gambateh ne !!!

study smart !
Go0d luck !

p/s:listening t0 Airplane by BoB & Hayley Williams

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