Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm h0me !!!

Yeah !!!
Finally done my final exam liao !

It's time for me 2 g0 home lu !!

Bek 2...

City of Cat !!!

....Weee....'s de packin time !

owh !!!

i really hate 2 d0 it !
damn lazy wat

after i pack for de whole nite...
finally all done...

actually i din sleep during de nite b4 c0s i really g0t many stuff 2 take out fr cupboard n pack int0 bags n boxes since those damn ppl wan us 2 d0 so b4 goin bek!

oh crap !!

i really tired after clear all my stuff...
but de time it's bout 3a.m + liao
s0 i decided 2 stay up for instance c0s my fren gonna pick me up 2 airport at 7a.m

thus,i watch Korean drama--->Boys 0ver Flowers

it's kinda outdated rite ?

but there are s0 many drama tat i haven watch !!
piles of them!

i managed 2 gt some drame fr my fren!

muahaha ....

s0 for tis Sem's holiday i'm goin 2 hav a *Drama Marathon*


bek 2 de story of packin...

i really hope tat all my stuff tat in ro0m'll be safe since they asked us 2 leave i there but x guarantee tat their will be safe !

really craps a those ppl !

co0l down...

s0...tat fren fetch me g0 MAS terminal...
my flight 10a.m
but when i arrived there bout 8am. + ...
w0w !

there were full of ppl !
shit !

it's all bc0s they start 2 use de s0 call machine 2 check-in !
then everyone nd2 get a boardin pass fr de machine b4 queue up for de counter 2 drop their luggage there!
wat...check-in kiosk !

*tis is de KNS thingy make fell damn nervous*

tell u la...
bc0s of tis machine thing n mine own lil mistake
i nearly had a big shock in de mornin !!!
shit !!!

u n0e wat...
when till de last step of getting my boardin pass...
got one question sort of askin whether u bringing those harnful stuff o not rite?
then i juz click n0 !

because de question kinda tricky wat!
btw tat time i haven breakfast yet, okie ?
s0 i really quite blur !

things g0 better c0s my fren is there
gud pal !


luckily when it'smy turn 2 deal at de counter, de cute guy said it's all rite !
w0w !!!


s0,after i get my boardin pass i quickily go 2 de boardin gate !

it's really a terrifying mornin for me !

but at last,
i reach 2 my City of Cat !

~safe n sound~

tats all for nw ~

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