Saturday, May 29, 2010

UMS の life ~ Part 1 ( UMS-->1st Day)

It's my 1st time 2 ride 0n aer0plane
g0in Sabah alone !

W. A . L . A . O .

then when arrive de KKIA ho... jiu gt many senior2 fr UMS c0me n fetch us bek ...

when de bus start 2 move n i starting 2 c KK de 1st time, i was s0 damn excited !!!

~ YiPpie ~

on de way 2 UMS, de view is s0 Wa0 !!!

* daMn pretty rite *

i was like lurve at 1st sight towards KK ... haha ^ ^




then arrived at UMS

it's s0 damn big i tell u guys...

W . A . L . A . O .

then de UMS bus jiu drop me a Kpg. E , where de hostel tat i stay 4 de past one yr ... then wif my gigantic luggages, i drag them 2 register...then every0ne of us bein given a baju kurung n a UMS sch bag...

pls: my batik was s0 damn huge !!! i went 2 change 4 smaller size n yet they said n0 m0re adi !! de size i had been given was XL !!!

Oh 1st Dumbest thing tat i did in UMS was...

i carry my 1st luggage 2 de wrong ro0m n yet i don realize it... when i return 4 de 2nd round...

1 was like S**T !!! !!!

then i went down another floor then i saw my luggage ... s0 relieved !!!

pHeW !!!

bt b4 tat a.... i carry my luggage 2 de wr0ng block A !!!

i was like went 2 de wr0ng block 4 twice bha !!!

W . A . L . A . O .

at last ... i reach my ro0m liao ...


i was de 1st who reach de ro0m, then start all de cleaning w0rk lo. Then, tat's de time i met my 1st fren in UMS ------> Paulynn Lai

*baNana cina*

haHa xp

we r fr de same h0metoWn ------> KCH

if u guys haven visit Kuching b4 pls d0 come ^^

oh ya...bek 2 my story... ^^

Paulynn did many fuNny stuff... one of de thing tat i still laugh 4 it was ...

knock ! knock !

on my ro0m's d0or... then my ro0mate--->ShuFen went 2 ansWer de do0r then Lynn was there... n she juz asking 4 s0me tissues ...

tat m0ment we were like H.U.H ?

then i saw her hand gt blo0d. S0 i tot she cut her finger bha... then then juz a sec later, We saw bl0od c0ming out fr her n0se !!!

*Blo0Dy heLl*

after n0wing wat happen 2 her We jiu o o lo....(bt tis incident i tink nt happen on 1st day) c0s she stayed at hotel wif her family...


N~ N~ N .... she gt A huge hipp0 !!! s0 cute.... ^ ^

i was s0 fortunate on tatday bc0s cun cun my relatives went KK 4 vacation... then they went 2 pick me up fr h0stel 2d0 s0me shoPping 4 daily usage...

i sh0pping !!!!

they were s0 co0l !!! they used de Exora wif GPS searching 4 my hostel's location...


then after they found me... they brought me 2 1 B0RNEO !!!

W . A . L . A . O

after d0 s0me shopping n had diNner @ KFC they jiu sent me bek hostel... ...

then it's bout time 4 me 2 rest bc0s de next day was de orientation week !!!


s0 then it's how i started my UMS's life !!! ^^

tired a... wan g0 o o liao ...
bear bear ... ... ^ ^

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