Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cant stop being a procrastinator !!! #fml

Anyeong ❤  

I know it's been awhile for me to blog (like for ages!)since I spend more time on Facebook & Tweeter! 

I wanna blog but I cant stop myself from slacking it  =(

I just realized that for this year 2012 I just blogged once which was during April !  #fml


Currently I back to my hometown, Kuching.
I'm proudly announced that I had finish my  3 years of university course at Sabah.


However, I miss Kota Kinabalu so damn much...


I try to make this post short lah bc0s I'm in office !!

And yes !  Now i'm having internship !

Will try to post more about current events in life !

Will post soon ...


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