Friday, April 13, 2012

it's been ages ...

Hey there...
it's been like ages since my last stop here...
s0,i'm really suited with the name wat? ---> laziest blogger of all !
ha !

currently i'm n0w striving in my last semester in my 3 years uni life as a forestry student.
now only left about 3 months plus till i'm graduated !
yeah !!!
but before that there are many things need to be finish !

1. my thesis a.k.a final year project (FYP) about roselle
2. final exams
3. g0 few places in Sabah that i haven visit
4. take photos with my uni friends !
5 etc ... ...

really busy for this moment...

s0.... bye for now...



  1. it's good to be busy and know how to set your priority :)

  2. HI there !
    I just cant stop being lazy though >w<