Thursday, September 16, 2010

~ S.I.C.K~

0h ~ damn it !

i really hate de feeling of bein SICK !

it's not me

when i'm sick i cant be myself

it all happens 2 days b4 ... ...


when tat mornin i woke up,

i adi noe tat there's smthg in my throat

n yet i x care much bout it

i juz to0k some pills then juz d0 my stuff ~

Tatday i went deal stuff bout Pesta Tanglung ~


i x drink much water

s0 body temperature rising !

wow !

tatday at nite ,

we went 2 eat de Lokan bakar

which is de clam tat can be found by de paya bakau ~

s0, without any rasional thinking ...

i eat it !

o0ps ...

i tink it's one of the main reason which cos de ulcer in my throat bc0me biGGer !

tat nite was suffering

a lot

damn painful !

cant sleep well tat nite

i tot it'll better de next mornin after i to0k some pills


The next mornin when i woke up

oh oh !

i cant talk !

SHIT !!!

my throat bc0me worst !

my neck swelling on de left side

i still continue 2 to0k those pills

in evening,

i cant stand anyore

my housemate advice me g0 c doc

but de clinic in hostel closed


i tried 2 ask few ppl send me


i was bein rejected

oh pls ~


i asked my best pal n his gf bring me go c doc

i love them

they don ask any stupid questions o gif u excuses

they juz say " okie ! im on my way nw ! "

~true frens indeed ~

so~ we went KF 2 see doc

but wat do u expect...

there's no doc at there even de clinic's opening

wat de ...

s0 my fren decided bring me g0 Damai

which is a bit further fr UMS 2 c doc

At last ...

there's a doctor 4 me !

i was quite nervous


i communicate wif doc via a pen n a notepad + my fren as a spokewomen 4 me !

de doc said i sud hav injection

wat ?


No n0 no n0 nO ...

pls ~

it'll be damn painful !

s0... i decided 2 take pills instead of injection

although i still suffering fr swallowing

de doc said if i still got hard time wif swallowing there'll be injection 4me !


i wan2 recover faster !

2day, my throat seems 2 be better ~

i tink i escaped fr de faith of injection !

yiPpie !!

i'll get stronger for my mind, soul & body !

i'll live my life better !

i wont easily bein knock down again bcos of those stupid problems

i'll try 2 get away fr de sensitive part of me ...


bloggie ,

wish me luck !

get well so0n dear ...

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