Thursday, June 3, 2010

Maniac vs Heroic

2day ... an incident happen

bt luckily is not me

2day , as usual after w0rk i'll took van bek home

bt due 2 de gawai festival, de van service end earlier

s0, i was force 2 to0k bus bek home

ok... everything's juz normal

i pay $ then find a seat then settle myself

as wat we all noe, inside de bus's damn humid

n yet de bus driver's not willing 2 depart yet c0s due 2 tis's de last trip of bus

s0 he wan2 wait 4 some ppl who haven here yet

scare tat they'll missed de bus

s0 juz wait


ok ... bout 20 mins has g0ne ...

de bus still nt move3 yet

although de bus's quite full adi

then, suddenly a guy went 2 de bus driver

he's either a malay o local

he was using a very rude attitude asking tat when de bus's g0in 2 move ??

de bus driver juz answer him tat so0n ...

ok ... it seems normal in de 1st place rite

then suddenly he was shouting !!!

then a guy standing near de bus driver went 2 confront wif de s0 called crazy guy

it seems like there were a bit of argument


n0w , smthg happen !

de crazy guy start 2 talk wif rude body language !

seems like there's g0in 2b A fight !!!

then few mins later de bus start moving

bt de 2 guys still there !

de worst is ...

i saw them strangle each others neck

O . M . G .

all de passengers in de bus like s0 freakin out !

then few ppl went 2 stop it although de bus's moving

after de gila guy co0l down adi, he went bek he's place

which is few rows bek fr me

when he pass by my place

i saw him was holding a can of BEER !

ok ... confirmed tat he's drunk !!!

* Bloody Hell*

after de crazy-drunk man went bek 2 his place

everything was in peace

except 4 de dizziness c0s by de bus









then everyone in de bus turned bek 2 c wat happen


it's tat crazy dude again !!!

tis time he was trying 2 disturb a gal

akthough i was not s0 sure wat happen, de gal was shouting at him wif s0me dirty words to0

then tat maniac was yelling tat he juz lo0k only

" pandang saja "

de gal keep on shouting

bt later on quite again

bt then , a louder shout came fr de bek AGAIN !!!

tis time wif actions

de gal stood up n shout at tat dude

then gt few struggling o wat i os0 nt sure had happen

i was s0 scared

then de bus stopped

bc0s there's a women goin down

then de comotion !

de guy went down de bus !

next, followed by de gal !

" He gt my fon ! "

W . A . L . A . O .

tat moment everyone were shocked !

de gal chased after de maniac

it happen at de roadside

then tat gal's fren ask 4 help fr de other passengers







a her0 had stepped out !!!

de hero went after de maniac

de hero n de crazy dude playing cat chase mouse till across de road !

then de cliMax !

de hero n de crazie were fighthing !

all de passengers sto0d up n c

although quite far bt still cn c de fighthing

after de struggling ... ... ...

de hero w0n !

he came bek in bus wif Victory !

although i tink tat 2nite his body'll b covered wif bruises

bt his heroic action sud b praise

bt de best way i tink mayb we sud juz call de c0ps

after de problem had settle, de bus continue 2 move

tat time , i was thinking tat if im a black belt holder...

tat crazy dude's ass'll be like ... ...

wat 2 do ... im juz an ordinary gal ...

ai ... ... -.-

oh ya... bout de hero ...

he really lo0k s0 alike one of the person tat important in my life

almost 90 %

how could tat b ?

i os0 questioned it myself

i wonder ... ...

mayb twins i guess ?

bt it's impossible




anyway ... tat's all tat im g0in 2 share

i hope tat de maniac will gt his repay 4 wat he did

hope tat de gal sud b m0r careful, don sit alone at corner

n as 4 de hero, i hope tat he can recover fr de injuries s0on !

P . E . A . C . E .

it's time 2 bed liao...
nw adi almost 2a.m
bear bear ...
im coming...

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