Wednesday, June 22, 2011

forgetful + laziness

Argh !!!!
At last bek to hometown ---> KCH adi

Afta 2 weeks life in the forest !

ya...last time i promised 2 post my haul pic but...

i 4gt ... sorry...

then...i juz share my experience of 2 weeks living inside forest !


hmm... where to start ya ?

ow...the purpose of use to go and stay in de forest for 2 weeks is one of de requirement for us
----> student of forestry in UMS to graduate

tis camp is one of the main event in our Forestry School !!!
Tis camp is challenging !
I adi do tis tat somehow 0ver my own limit !!!

at last it's over adi ....

Tis camp is really a new n great experience to ME !

i had learnt s0 many new things thru tis camp
fr physically o mentally 
learnt many stuff tat out of de things tat we learn during lecture

fr tis camp, we can really see the TRUE COLOUR of someone u n0e 

i really enjoy tis camp ! A lot ! While some ppl are juz complaining n feel like sort of depressed !

many things happen in de camp !!!

Ya...i got souvenir fr the camp ! which is--->

*i got burnt scar !
*many many many MANY mosquitoes bite scars !
*bein biten by PACAT ! got 5 ! 

till nw still very VERY very ITCHY a !!!!

i'm crazy of scratching them a !!!!

nw looks better while in camp... feel free to drop by my facebook profile to c those photos !


ya..there's the side effect afta de camp !

i turn into a big eater ! My appetite turn big !!!
Oh g0sh ! My weight !!! No0ooo....... 

Afta camp,we nd2 submit a report wif an appropriate format !
it's 40% of tis camp !

really having hard time to do tis repoat lah....
aduh !!!!

Hmm...really hard to express myself bout tis camp by juz using words !
really appreciate tis chance of learning  ! 

everyone said they lose weight afta de camp, but i seems like no changes at all le...



The 1st 4 days i was having a hard time due to de pain of my legs . It's quite terrible cos either i wan2 sit o stand sure pain ! o0uh !!! It's bc0s my legs haven adapt to hav tough exercise ! 

Everyday we must walk walk WALK walk n walk !
the 1st day we nd2 go down the mountain to reach our base camp...
the journey is bout 600m n yet the route is quite rough wif those cliff, slippery ground ... 

I survive in the camp for 2 weeks !

Really happie  ^.^

everyday the shoes must full wif water c0s we  nd2 cross a river to get to the other side to hav class n presentation !
My feet look like old lady whenever i to0k off my shoes !

ya...nd2 mention here tat our shoes is called ---> Adidas Kampung !
Tis shoes is unique cos it's wholly made fr rubber n wif studs underneath it !
co0l huh?
But it's not fr Adidas la... it only cos bout RM 4 to 7 like tat lo...
super Duper cheap !
it's a really tough + durable shoes !!!
super likey =)

My journey all start wif tis lil black shoes !
Few days during the 1st week i got wear socks but i found out tat it's quite stupid c0s we almost everyday nd2 go across river n it's very hard to hav dry foots during the entire camp!
  s0...i juz bare foot n the shoes thru de rest of the camp !
only wif socks when sleeping to keep warm.

almost everyday nd2 climb up n down de mountain !
At day 7th ,we climb  nearly 2.4 km of route n reached de view point which said to be damn beautiful...

things doesn't turn promising to us !
we are the only group tat din hav chance to c de view fr de peak bc0s of raining !
okay...we are the 1st tro0p out of de past yr which din hav de luck !!!

Argh !!!

There are few accidents happen during the 2 weeks camp !
My 2 teammates injured themselves !
one burnt her foots ! one nearly cut her throat !

o0uh !!!

very pity !!!

n...the other incident is tat..
one of the nite the rain is damn freakin' heavy wif strong winds...

a tree felt on urus setia's tent site !

luckily no one is hurt !
tat moment i saw wif my very own eyes !
I was worried ! N i can stand it n lastly i dropped my tears ...


I juz keep praying in my heart tat nothing bad'll happen...

i'm bit sleepy nw... 
mayb next time i try 2 continue blog bout my camp la...



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