Friday, April 29, 2011

o0ps !!! I did it again !!!

o0opssie ....

i really feel s0 sorry 4 my bloggie c0s it's been a long long long time dint stop here...

wat to do...


wat a life !

nw it's almost near de end of my 2nd yr in UMS

Starting September 2011,
i'm a 3rd yr student in Forestry

Time flies...
dont they...

I really wish i can graduate fr here safe n sound
*crossed fingers*


The time i write tis post is de 1st week of Final Exam in UMS


exams again guys !

means tat cant get enough sleep 

oh well...

juz do de best tat i can


wat the activities tat i'm goin 2 do after my last paper of Final Exam on 10th May is

It's Happy Hour Time !!!!!!


It's Packing Time to0 !!!

every end Semester nd2 clear all stuff fr ro0m n pack into a store ro0m

how i wish i hav a maid 2 help me


i cant g0 bek 2 Kuching after exam c0s there is a Forest Camp on 1st June

i nd2 spend 2 weeks in KK b4 in enter the camp

the camp is all bout how 2 survive in the forest n learn 

besides tat, we also been given assignment 2 do in de camp
while we sort of suffering
everything we nd2 do in the camp is in barbarian style

mayb bec0me Tarzan


oh well i really hope tat i can survive well in there for 2 weeks

After the end of the camp on 15th May it's time 2 g0 bek 2 my 
home sweet home

n yet i nd2 find a part time job n work till Sept
in order 2 get $$$

I miss Kuching a lot

miss kolo mee

miss laksa

miss lui cha

wat i can do is juz wait...

tats all nw guys...

toodles ^^

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