Sunday, January 9, 2011


Tis is de 1st blog of 2011 !

a new start

i hav few new yr resolutions

but nw not in de mood of blogging it

mayb next time la

it'll be a busy yr 4 a kick start

nw adi bek 2 UMS----2nd yr 2nd Sem

gonna be more discipline *how*


got an event is busying wif---Pesta Ang pow 2011

wif de speech, cheongsam, VVIP , etc......

quite many stuff 2 deal wif

never de less

h0mework time !!!


wat 2 do...
as a student wat


really x n0e wan2 write wat liao la..

next time la

mayb g0 Starbucks blogging !!

(to be continue)


1 comment:

  1. if u ever go starbuck, ask me oso ya~ like it so much~